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    Boosting Eastern Poland: EU Funds Drive Economic Development

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    EU funds drive growth in Eastern Poland, supporting entrepreneurship, urban resilience, and sustainable development.

    The European Funds for Eastern Poland (EFEP) are making significant strides in enhancing living conditions and fostering economic growth across six provinces in the 2021-2027 funding period. The initiative aims to revitalize cities, improve transportation access, and spur entrepreneurial growth.

    Progress Update and Funding Allocations

    With 73% of the EFEP budget already allocated through 19 calls totaling PLN 8.78 billion, the program is well underway. Targeting both entrepreneurs and local governments, evaluations of submitted applications are ongoing. The first three agreements, amounting to nearly PLN 620 million, have been signed, with additional agreements slated for early 2024.

    Monitoring Committee’s Active Role

    The Monitoring Committee held five sessions in 2023, forming a working group to oversee program implementation. Approval of selection criteria for all 13 EFEP activities and the committee’s dedication translated directly into the number of calls announced in 2023.

    Supportive Workshops for Beneficiaries

    Throughout 2023, the Managing Authority, in collaboration with partner agencies, organized regional workshops, attracting around 600 participants. These sessions, complemented by webinars, addressed inquiries and actively engaged beneficiaries, influencing the program’s documentation.

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