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    BOR Day: Honoring Poland’s Government Protection Bureau

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    BOR Day, observed on June 12th, pays tribute to the Brygada Ochronna (Protective Brigade), formed in 1924 after the assassination of President Gabriel Narutowicz. This day honors the brave individuals who protected the President and symbolizes their commitment to safeguarding the highest office in Poland.

    From Brygada Ochronna to Służba Ochrony Państwa

    In 2017, BOR underwent a transformation and became known as Służba Ochrony Państwa (State Protection Service). This change marked a significant evolution in the organization’s structure and responsibilities. While BOR Day continues to be celebrated, it now pays tribute not only to the legacy of the Brygada Ochronna but also to the subsequent formations that have faithfully served in protective roles throughout the country’s history.

    BOR Day celebrations take place at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, featuring solemn promotions of BOR officers by the Head of the Government Protection Bureau. Honors such as the “Medal for Long Service” and the “Honorary Badge of BOR” are awarded, while new recruits take their oath, symbolizing their commitment to serve and protect.

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