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    BREAKING! Attack on the National Prosecutor’s Office is underway! Bodnar’s associates enter Barski’s office

    Individuals associated with Adam Bodnar have forcibly entered the headquarters of the National Prosecutor’s Office, attempting to disrupt the work of the NPO leadership.

    Adam Bodnar and Prosecutor Jacek Bilewicz entered the offices occupied by Prosecutor Dariusz Barski, the head of the National Prosecutor’s Office, in the afternoon hours. The forceful entry took place when Prosecutor Barski was not present in the NPO building, with the intention of taking over the documentation gathered there.

    As reported by Niezależ, Bodnar issued an order to pack Barski’s belongings, but the execution of this order was refused.

    Access to certain parts of the NPO headquarters has been restricted for prosecutors who have criticized Bodnar’s previous actions, including areas where the office of the national prosecutor is located.

    Additionally, it was mentioned that the attack occurred today because Prosecutor Barski was absent – he went to inspect a prosecutor’s office in Łódź.


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