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    Bytom’s Former Mining Heap Transformed into Mars Analog Space Base

    Students from the University of Warsaw’s geophysics research group unveiled their RAF-Analog Space Mission project, utilizing a former mining heap in Bytom, Poland, to replicate Mars-like conditions.

    Mars Simulation Site
    The base, situated on the site of the former KWK Powstańców Śląskich coal mine heap, closely resembles Martian terrain, with its mineral composition and landscapes providing an ideal simulation environment.

    Multidisciplinary Research
    Led by project manager Mikołaj Zawadzki, the team conducts diverse scientific studies, including geology, geophysics, astrobiology, and psychology. This research aims to test technologies relevant to future space missions while also exploring terrestrial phenomena like geomagnetic fields.

    Hydroponic Plant Cultivation
    As part of the ten-day mission, the team experiments with hydroponic plant cultivation, simulating conditions of space agriculture by growing plants without soil, solely using water and limited light exposure.

    Environmental Challenges
    While the site’s fiery nature, exacerbated by active fires, enhances its resemblance to Mars, it also poses environmental risks. Nevertheless, the project pioneers innovative research methods amidst challenging conditions.

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