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    Candidate Accused of Breaking Silence Law Ends in Pedestrian Hit by Car

    During the second round of the mayoral election in Trzcianne, a small community in the Moniecki district, authorities are investigating possible violations of electoral law and a serious traffic incident involving a candidate and his aide.

    The Podlasie police force, led by spokesman Tomasz Krupa, has launched an inquiry into whether electoral code provisions were breached. The controversy centers on allegations that a candidate was transporting voters to polling stations, a practice that can be considered illegal electoral campaigning if it occurs after the official campaign period has ended.

    The situation escalated when one of these voter transport trips ended in a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle. The victim reportedly traveled approximately 50 meters on the hood of the car before the vehicle stopped. The injured pedestrian was subsequently hospitalized, and the driver’s license was confiscated by the police.

    According to reports from Radio Białystok, the accident occurred when a witness attempted to halt the car after noticing it was used to ferry voters, potentially in violation of election laws. Instead of stopping, the driver allegedly accelerated, causing the pedestrian to end up on the hood of the car.

    This incident not only raises questions about adherence to electoral laws but also underscores the potential dangers of unauthorized transportation services during elections. Police are investigating both the alleged electoral law violation and the circumstances of the traffic accident.

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