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    Celebrating 20 Years of Poland in the EU: A Nationwide Campaign

    Nearly 100 social organizations, companies, and media outlets have joined a campaign celebrating Poland’s 20th anniversary in the European Union. Initiated by the Stefan Batory Foundation and the Polish Business Council Foundation, the campaign, symbolized by the “20latPLwUE” pin, runs throughout May. Organizers invite everyone who values European ideals to participate.

    Promoting European Values

    This campaign, one of the largest of its kind, highlights Poland’s benefits from EU membership. It underscores that Poland is stronger with Europe and vice versa. The digital pin can be displayed on websites and social media profiles, showing solidarity with European values. Participants include prominent organizations like the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and the Robert Schuman Foundation.

    Business Participation

    Companies such as InPost, Żabka Group, and Amica are actively involved, with Żabka lighting up its headquarters in blue during the Impact’24 conference. Amica and Kazar also launched special initiatives. According to Małgorzata Durska, president of the Polish Business Council Foundation, the EU membership has significantly boosted Poland’s economy by facilitating exports and attracting foreign investments.

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