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    Celebrating the Military Gendarmerie on June 13th

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    On June 13, 1831, General Tomasz Łubieński established the “Field Service,” marking the origin of the Military Gendarmerie. This date commemorates the unit’s heritage, including the Mounted Carabiniers Squadron of 1831 and gendarmerie formations from 1914 to 1945. Since June 1994, it has been celebrated as the Military Gendarmerie Holiday.

    Originating in the 19th century, the Military Gendarmerie plays a significant role in Poland’s military law enforcement system. Initially known as the “Służba Polowa,” it has evolved into a respected institution ensuring discipline, protecting military assets, and ensuring personnel safety.

    Guarding the Tradition

    The Military Gendarmerie Holiday reminds us of the dedication and bravery of gendarmes throughout history. They uphold responsibilities in both peace and conflict, contributing to armed forces’ stability and security.

    Today, the Military Gendarmerie adapts to modern challenges, providing crucial support in counterterrorism, public order, and military justice. Their expertise and professionalism make them an essential part of the Polish Armed Forces.

    On this special occasion, the Military Gendarmerie and the nation pay tribute to the men and women who proudly serve in this esteemed organization. Their commitment to duty and unwavering loyalty contribute to the safeguarding of military operations and the preservation of peace within Poland.

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