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    Preparation time. Advent starts today

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    Advent is a particular time for Christians. It precedes Christmas and is a period of spiritual preparation for the rebirth of Jesus Christ. Non-believers also enjoy some Advent symbols and customs.

    Advent is a period accompanied by inherent religious symbols and customs. These include an advent calendar, advent lantern and advent wreath. 

    Advent calendar

    The advent calendar is used to count down the days from the first day of Advent or December 1 to Christmas Eve. This custom is known and cultivated in many countries around the world in Christian families. In Poland, there is a tradition to give children sweet advent calendars. In each box, there is a small chocolate in the shape of something “Christmas.” Nowadays, this tradition is still very popular, however, teenagers prefer to get some advent calendars with cosmetics.

    Advent lantern

    Advent lantern is in the shape of a closed quadrilateral, the walls of which resemble Gothic stained-glass windows with Christian symbols or biblical scenes. 

    Another crucial tradition is the morning mass called roraty. Children attend roraty, which in English means an early morning Advent Mass in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Each Mass is held early in the morning throughout Advent, except on Sundays and the feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Children always bring advent lanterns which are usually homemade.

    Advent wreath

    The advent wreath is one of the most popular symbols of Advent. The round shape reminds us of infinity and eternal life, and the green branches symbolize life. Four candles are placed on the wreath, symbolising the four consecutive Sundays of Advent.

    Advent resolutions

    The time of Advent is also associated with the custom of making various good resolutions. Believers want to express inner preparation for Christmas and the desire to transform one’s life. The most common advent resolutions are giving up sweets, alcohol, or limitate social media.

    Advent lasts from 23 to 28 days. It includes the four Sundays before Christmas. This year, the period of waiting and preparation for Christmas lasts 28 days. Advent 2022 begins on Sunday, November 27, and will end on December 24.

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