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    CJEU Reduces Daily Fine Imposed on Poland to Half a Million Euros

    The amount of the daily periodic fine imposed on Poland by the CJEU has been reduced from one million to 500,000 euros.

    This is the fine imposed on Poland by the CJEU in its dispute with the European Commission over judicial reform, specifically the disciplinary system for judges.

    The vice-president of the EU Court of Justice has reduced Poland’s fine from one million to 500,000 euros a day. 

    The law on the Supreme Court, which came into force on 15 July, had been partially fulfilled – the Disciplinary Chamber had been abolished and a test of the independence of judges had been allowed.

    This means that Poland will save a little. As of today, the European Commission will only be able to deduct a 500,000 euro fine from Poland, instead of a million as before.

    We will pay the fines until the announcement of the CJEU judgment on 5 June.

    “We are pleased to note that the CJEU granted Poland’s request, recognising that Poland has substantially fulfilled the provisions of the interim measure and reduced the penalties imposed by half. This shows that although our positions still differ in some elements, dialogue with the European institutions makes sense and brings tangible results. This dialogue will continue,”

    Minister for European Affairs Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk told PAP.

    The CJEU in July 2021 obliged Poland to immediately suspend the application of provisions relating to the powers of the non-recognised Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court on issues including the waiver of judicial immunity. For failure to comply with this provision, it imposed a fine of €1 million per day on Poland.

    The fine has accrued since 3 November 2021. Poland does not pay the penalty, so Brussels deducts it regularly from the funds due to Poland.

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