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    Commemorating the 340th Anniversary of the Battle of Vienna

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    The Polish Senate commemorates the 340th anniversary of the Battle of Vienna, honoring Jan III Sobieski’s defense of Europe, Christianity, and the Commonwealth.

    Senate adopts resolution on 340th anniversary of the Battle of Vienna

    The Polish Senate pays homage to the valiant troops who fought in the Battle of Vienna 1683, defending the Commonwealth, Europe, and Christianity. In a unanimous decision, 86 senators endorsed this resolution.

    The Battle of Vienna, also known as the Relief of Vienna, marked a pivotal juncture in European and Christian civilization. On September 12, 1683, two forces clashed: a coalition led by Jan III Sobieski, comprising the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Republic of Venice, and the Ottoman Empire led by Kara Mustafa.

    The late 17th century witnessed incessant conflicts between the Ottomans and neighboring European states, characterized by bloody wars and the Ottoman’s territorial expansion into Christian lands. The siege of Vienna by Turkish forces began on July 14, 1683. Responding to Emperor Leopold I’s call, Jan III Sobieski and his army arrived to aid the city, upholding alliance commitments. The Battle of Vienna concluded in the rout of the Ottomans, with their casualties far surpassing those of the Christian coalition.

    340 years later, the Relief of Vienna remains a source of national pride. The Polish Senate honors the soldiers who defended the Commonwealth, Europe, and Christianity, with special tribute to Grand Hetman Jan III Sobieski, the distinguished military commander and monarch. The procession of Sobieski’s forces through Poland left a lasting patriotic impression, and to this day, ceremonies, symbolic plantings, and memorials continue along his route.

    The legacy of “King Jan of Poland” endures beyond borders. Gatherings, anniversaries, and symbolic commemorations persist along the path he took. The Senate expresses gratitude to all individuals, organizations, and communities upholding the memory of Jan III Sobieski and his Vienna Victory.

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