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    Commemorating the Armament and Electronics Service Day in the Polish Armed Forces

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    November 13th marks the celebration of the Armament and Electronics Service Day, established by Decision No. 432 of the Minister of National Defense on December 24, 2013. This date commemorates the formation, on November 13, 1918, of the Technical-Artillery Department by the Minister of Military Affairs—a pivotal moment as the department became the first organizational element addressing the infrastructure, procurement, and maintenance of artillery and firearms in the reborn Polish Armed Forces.

    Evolving through years of transformations and reforms, the responsibilities associated with organizing, legislating, and coordinating logistics for armament and electronics shifted to the Armament and Electronics Service under the Inspectorate of Support for the Polish Armed Forces. The 14th Military Economic Unit, led by Captain Jarosław Banasiewicz, plays a crucial role in organizing and directing the technical support process for armament and electronics.

    On the occasion of the Armament and Electronics Service Day, Deputy Commander Grzegorz Pytlak and Technical Department Chief Artur Danił extend wishes and gratitude for exemplary service to the soldiers and personnel of the service.

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