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    Commissioner for Human Rights Challenges Proposed Homework Ban: A Debate Ignites in Polish Education

    The debate over homework in primary schools has resurfaced with Commissioner for Human Rights Marcin Wiącek voicing concerns about a proposed regulation to eliminate mandatory assignments. Wiącek questions the urgency cited by the Ministry of Education, arguing it does not reflect the diverse opinions within Polish schools. While a majority of teachers support limiting homework, only a small fraction advocate for its complete abolition, as revealed by a survey in “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.”

    Wiącek emphasizes the need for broader social consultations before finalizing any regulatory decisions and underscores the role of teachers in determining homework policies. He warns that a total ban on homework could undermine teacher autonomy and hinder efforts to tailor education to individual student needs, especially for those with special educational requirements.

    Despite Wiącek’s concerns, Education Minister Barbara Nowacka has announced plans for the regulation to take effect from early April, gradually extending to other educational stages. The ongoing debate highlights the importance of considering the perspectives of stakeholders, including teachers, parents, and educational experts, in balancing academic rigour, student well-being, and pedagogical autonomy.

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