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    Compromise Secured: Farmers’ Protest on Polish-Ukrainian Border Resolved

    A resolution has been reached in the ongoing farmers’ protest along the Polish-Ukrainian border. According to a spokesperson from the PiS party, discussions with the agriculture minister resulted in a compromise.

    Anna Gembicka, the recently appointed agriculture minister, engaged in talks with the protesting farmers affiliated with the ‘Deceived Countryside’ organization. These farmers had joined forces with lorry drivers, causing blockades at the Medyka border crossing. The joint protest allowed only two lorries per hour while permitting cars, coaches, humanitarian aid, and military vehicles to pass freely.

    The farmers’ demands encompass subsidies for maize purchases, maintaining agricultural taxes at the current year’s level, and continuing liquidity loans. According to Rafal Bochenek, a spokesperson for the ruling PiS party, a partial agreement has been achieved, focusing on solutions and support for agricultural producers, including working capital loans and cereal subsidies.

    Bochenek indicated that specific details of the agreement were yet undisclosed due to late-night negotiations. However, he confirmed a consensus had been reached between the parties involved. Minister Gembicka’s discussions with the farmers are now slated to be followed by talks with the lorry drivers. Additionally, Minister Alvin Gajadhur from the Infrastructure Department intends to visit the border on the following day.

    The drivers, initiating their protest on November 6 and obstructing the Korczowa and Dorohusk crossings, are advocating for commercial permits for Ukrainian companies transporting goods. They also seek the suspension of operating permits for Ukrainian firms established after the Ukraine conflict outbreak.

    The demonstrations have resulted in significant truck delays entering Ukraine, accumulating approximately 100 hours, and have strained Polish-Ukrainian relations.


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