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    Culligan Expands Reach in EMEA with Primo Water Acquisition

    Culligan, a frontrunner in sustainable water solutions, has finalized its acquisition of several key Primo Water Corporation businesses across the EMEA region. This acquisition marks a strategic move for Culligan, extending its influence across 12 countries where it already operates and venturing into fresh markets in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

    Culligan’s Strategic Expansion in EMEA: Reinforcing Commitment to Quality Water Solutions through Primo Water Acquisition

    The recent acquisition includes the majority of Primo Water’s businesses in the EMEA region, with the exception of their ventures in the UK, Portugal, and Israel. This bold step significantly amplifies Culligan’s presence in the region, reaffirming its commitment to delivering quality water solutions while fortifying its position as an industry leader.

    Scott Clawson, Chairman, and CEO of Culligan International, expressed enthusiasm about this milestone, stating, “This is a significant milestone in our ongoing development. It enhances our scale and capacity within the EMEA region, reaffirming our ambition and long-term vision to bring more consumers the Culligan water they love.”

    With a shared commitment to promoting healthier lives and communities, the union between Culligan and Primo Water aligns with their common goal of providing sustainable and superior-tasting water. Jeremy Ben-David, CEO of Culligan EMEA, highlighted the transaction’s significance, emphasizing the companies’ joint efforts to create a sustainable water future.

    Consolidating Reach and Services through Primo Water Integration

    “This transaction accelerates our ability to create a sustainable approach to water for years to come. We’re pleased to build on the success Primo Water has enjoyed in the region and are eager to welcome Primo Water Europe management, their experienced teams, and their customers to Culligan,”

    stated Ben-David.

    Culligan’s expansion now encompasses a broader landscape, extending its footprint in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, and Hungary. Additionally, their entry into the markets of Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia consolidates their influence across the EMEA region.

    The completion of the transaction on December 29, 2023, solidifies Culligan’s position as a powerhouse in the provision of premium water services. Notably, Primo Water retains its operations in the UK, Portugal, Israel, and Aimia Foods.

    Primo Water Europe Joins Forces with Culligan: A Synergy of Values for a Healthier Planet

    Kris Zarzeczny, Senior Vice President for Primo Water Europe, expressed excitement about joining forces with Culligan, citing shared values and aspirations for a healthier planet. “We’ve always admired Culligan’s commitment to serving consumers and providing them with innovative, sustainable, quality water solutions,” Zarzeczny remarked.

    Founded in 1936 and headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois, Culligan is renowned for its dedication to enhancing consumer health and wellness through top-tier water solutions. The company’s extensive network spans over 40 countries, boasting a workforce of more than 14,000 employees and 1,000 dealers in 90 countries. Culligan serves over 150 million consumers annually, epitomizing its mission to deliver clean, safe, and better-tasting water wherever needed.

    For more information, visit Culligan’s corporate website


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