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    Cutting-Edge Aerodynamics Laboratory Opens in Krakow to Combat Air Pollution

    Explore Krakow’s new Environmental Aerodynamics Lab, a €34 million facility revolutionizing urban planning to combat air pollution.

    Krakow University of Technology unveiled a groundbreaking Environmental Aerodynamics Laboratory on Tuesday, dedicated to studying the impact of wind, rain, and snow on buildings. Valued at €34 million, the three-story facility, including an underground level, boasts cutting-edge aerodynamic tunnels with powerful fans capable of propelling air at hurricane-like speeds of 40 meters per second.

    The lab focuses on analyzing city ventilation and smog reduction, providing vital insights for urban planning and construction. With collaborations from municipalities, ski associations, and industry giants like Fakro and Maspex, the facility aims to revolutionize how cities are designed and built for improved air quality.

    Research possibilities include wind mapping, air exchange systems, topographic mapping, and studying the effects of air masses on structures. The facility’s inauguration marks the culmination of decades of research led by Professor Andrzej Flaga, a pioneer in wind engineering and snow engineering.

    The laboratory, a one-of-a-kind global facility, promises to be a game-changer in the quest for cleaner air in urban environments.

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