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    Dangerous Weather in Poland on the Last Sunday of June

    Poland was set to face extreme weather conditions this Sunday, June 30, as the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW) has issued third-degree storm warnings for areas stretching from Pomerania and Warmia to Lower Silesia and Opole Province. Meteorologist Kamil Walczak highlighted that these regions could see severe thunderstorms, accompanied by hail and very strong winds reaching speeds of 110 km/h, and in some places, up to 130 km/h.

    Temperatures soared above 30°C nationwide, with the south and central regions possibly hitting 35°C. Even outside of storm conditions, the wind was moderate to quite strong and gusty.

    In response to the heat and storm forecasts, second-degree heat warnings have been issued for the southern and western parts of Poland, with first-degree heat warnings covering the rest of the country. Additionally, the highest level of storm warnings, third-degree, has been issued for the areas most at risk. The Government Security Center (RCB) has also issued a nationwide alert warning of severe thunderstorms, strong winds, and potential flooding, urging residents to seek safe shelter during the storms.

    Given the combination of high temperatures and severe weather, residents are advised to stay vigilant, secure outdoor objects, avoid unnecessary travel, and remain indoors during storms. 

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