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    Attack in Gaza: President Duda Calls for Clarification and Compensation from Israel

    In a recent statement addressing the tragic death of a young Polish volunteer in Gaza due to an Israeli attack, President Andrzej Duda of Poland demanded clarity and compensation.

    “I have no doubt that Israel should pay compensation to the family of our citizen.”

    said President Duda

    Demand for Answers

    President Duda emphasized the need for a detailed explanation regarding the circumstances leading to the incident. He stated, “Sprawa jest jasna: potrzeba wyjaśnienia w szczegółach,” underscoring the necessity of understanding why the situation occurred.

    Criticism of Israeli Ambassador

    Moreover, President Duda criticized the behavior of the Israeli Ambassador to Poland, particularly condemning the ambassador’s insensitive tweets. “Jest niestety szereg różnych wypowiedzi, które są oburzające,” he remarked, expressing his dismay over the ambassador’s actions.

    Call for Diplomatic Sensitivity

    Highlighting the importance of maintaining diplomatic decorum, President Duda emphasized that the Israeli government has handled the tragedy with restraint and sensitivity. However, he lamented that the same cannot be said for their ambassador in Poland.

    In light of these remarks, it’s evident that the death of the Polish volunteer has strained diplomatic relations between Poland and Israel. President Duda’s call for clarity and compensation underscores the seriousness of the situation and the need for diplomatic sensitivity in handling such delicate matters.

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