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    Does Sławosz Uznański give Poland a chance to go to space again?

    POLSA and the European Space Agency are considering the possibility of Sławosz Uznański flying into space, the ESA told PAP on Thursday. As soon as an agreement has been reached with the International Space Station (ISS) partners, the details will be released.

    As indicated in the information sent to PAP by the ESA, POLSA and the European Space Agency are “considering options to enable the flight” of Sławosz Uznański into space. “Details will only be communicated once an agreement has been reached with all parties, including the international partners of the ISS.”

    The GovTech Centre, an inter-ministerial team for innovation and digitalisation tweeted that Sławosz Uznański would fly into space as the second Pole in history. “We have been waiting for this moment for 45 years! After the historic mission with Mirosław Hermaszewski, Sławosz Uznański – a member of the reserve corps of the ESA – European Space Agency will fly into space as the second Pole. We sincerely congratulate him and look forward to reporting on the launch!”

    However, a tweet was deleted, and no other information has been given.

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