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    Drunk Drivers Engage in Reckless Police Chases in Wyszków

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    Two intoxicated drivers in Wyszków, Mazovia, engage in separate police chases, with one reaching 56 penalty points and the other blowing 4 per mille.

    In Wyszków, Mazovia, police engaged in a high-speed chase with a heavily intoxicated driver who had three per mille of alcohol in his system. The pursuit was triggered when the driver failed to stop at a speed checkpoint, where a 20-kilometer-per-hour limit was exceeded. Despite multiple traffic violations, the 34-year-old driver was eventually apprehended, facing severe penalties with 56 points on his license.

    Another intoxicated driver caused a collision in Wyszków, sparking a police alert. The driver failed to stop when located, leading to a subsequent chase. Eventually, on a rural road near the city, the driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into bushes. This driver blew an astonishing four per mille and was found to be driving without a valid license.

    Both cases will be brought before the court, highlighting the dangers of drunk driving and the need for stricter penalties.


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