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    Duda Reacts to Sikorski’s Decision Regarding Ambassadors

    Polish President Andrzej Duda emphasized that no Polish ambassador could be appointed or dismissed without the President’s signature, responding to inquiries about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ move to recall 50 ambassadors. “I am in discussions with the President, but we will refrain from divulging specifics as the ambassadors continue their service. This marks the initial phase of the procedure,” stated Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski during an interview on RMF FM.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Wednesday that Minister Radosław Sikorski had opted to conclude the missions of over 50 ambassadors and withdraw several candidacies previously submitted for approval by the ministry’s former leadership.

    According to the ministry, these proposed changes were presented within the framework of the Foreign Service Convention. Upon their endorsement by Prime Minister Donald Tusk, practical recall measures were set in motion. Concurrently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed optimism for “harmonious collaboration on this matter among the nation’s principal authorities.”

    President Duda, addressing the issue during his visit to the USA, underscored, “No Polish ambassador can be appointed or dismissed without the President’s signature.” He further highlighted, “The decision made by the President of the Republic of Poland carries fundamental significance in this regard.”

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