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    Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle with #LongLifeChallenge

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    Millions of Europeans are already familiar with the healthiest challenge: #LongLifeChallenge. After three years of the campaign, many continue to take on the daily challenge of consuming at least five servings of vegetables and fruits from Europe. The Christmas season is the perfect time to join the action.

    A Festive and Healthy Twist

    Under the motto “very Xmas” and “very Healthy,” organizers delivered festive and healthy gift baskets filled with oranges, tangerines, strawberries, apples, blueberries, green asparagus, and broccoli to two hundred well-known influencers. The influencers, in turn, encouraged thousands of their followers to participate in the #LongLifeChallenge.

    A Three-Year Success Story

    The #LongLifeChallenge, initiated three years ago under the European program co-funded by the European Union, “CuTE Healthy – Cultivating a Healthy Europe with Fruit and Vegetables from EUROPE,” has garnered widespread participation. Despite the international campaign concluding, the commitment to healthy eating remains relevant.

    Promoting Nutritional Awareness

    To enhance awareness of the nutritional benefits of European fruits and vegetables, organizers prepared 200 gift baskets filled with vitamin-rich produce. These baskets, featuring oranges, strawberries, and more, were distributed to two hundred influential European personalities, sparking enthusiasm for the #LongLifeChallenge.

    Champions Inspire Healthy Living

    Five Olympians from different countries played a pivotal role in encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Athletes such as Ona Carbonell, Lydia Valentín, Florent Manaudou, Sebastian Brendel, and Maja Włoszczowska shared insights on incorporating fruits and vegetables into a balanced diet. Over three years, the campaign successfully influenced 59,174 social media users to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

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