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    Empowering Poland’s Energy Sector: Highlights from the 3rd National Conference on Building an Intelligent Energy Grid

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    Explore the key takeaways from Poland’s 3rd National Conference on “Intelligent Energy in Practice.” Experts and industry leaders discussed the transition to a smarter energy network.

    On October 3, 2023, the Ministry of Climate and Environment organized the 3rd National Conference titled “Intelligently in Energy: Supporting the Development of an Intelligent Energy Grid in Poland.” The event took place in Jachranka and was attended by industry experts, including Marek Kulesa, Director of the Energy Trading Office.

    Attendees were treated to a series of informative presentations:

    1. Opening Presentation: Delivered by Aleksandra Świderska, Director of the Department of Power and Gas at the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

    2. CSIRE Update: Lesław Winiarski, Director of OIRE and Project Manager at PSE S.A., discussed the progress and milestones in the implementation plan for the Common System of Information on the Energy Market (CSIRE).

    3. Digital Transformation: Mariusz Jurczyk, Executive Director for Business Continuity, IT, and OT Management at TAURON Group, highlighted the importance of a digital transformation in creating an intelligent energy network.

    4. Smart Meters in the Polish Economy: Jarosław Wojtulewicz, Strategy Advisor at Apator S.A., explored the benefits of cross-sector collaboration in building local value chains within the intelligent metering industry.

    5. Summing up the Conference: Anna Bednarska, Chief Specialist at the Ministry of Climate and Environment, provided a comprehensive summary of the conference’s project activities.

    The event also featured a panel discussion titled “Smart Meters: Opportunities, Possibilities, Challenges,” moderated by Katarzyna Zalewska-Wojtuś from the Polish Society for Electricity Transmission and Distribution. Panelists included Ewa Sikora, Director of Distribution Services at Energa–Operator S.A., Łukasz Bartuszek, Legal Advisor at the Ministry of Climate and Environment, and Marek Kulesa, Director of the Energy Trading Office.

    The conference served as a platform for insightful discussions on the intelligent energy grid’s future in Poland, emphasizing the significance of digital transformation in shaping the country’s energy landscape.

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