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    EU Farmers’ Protests: President Duda Calls for Unified Action

    Farmers from across the European Union are staging protests, shining a spotlight on what they perceive as a critical issue affecting not only individual nations but the entire EU. President Andrzej Duda has echoed their sentiments, stressing the urgency for a decisive response from the European community.

    In a recent statement, President Duda underscored the seriousness of the situation, asserting, “This is a challenge for the entire community. We must take a firm stand.” At the heart of the matter lies the sudden surge of Ukrainian agricultural products, which, according to Duda, poses a significant threat to EU agriculture overall. Urging swift action, he emphasized the imperative to address the issue promptly to safeguard European agriculture’s interests.

    During a briefing earlier this week, President Duda shared insights into his discussions with key counterparts, notably highlighting talks with Prime Minister Donald Tusk regarding the ongoing protests by Polish farmers along the shared border. When pressed about engagements with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Duda revealed prior dialogues concerning the contentious issue of Ukrainian agricultural products. “This is not a new challenge,” he underscored, shedding light on the issue’s enduring nature.

    Duda emphasized that while Poland may be geographically at the forefront, the issue transcends national boundaries, implicating the EU as a unified entity and its agriculture sector. “In reality, this is a challenge for the entire European Union,” he stressed, advocating for a comprehensive approach to address the underlying issues.

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