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    Euro 2024: Poland has lost to the Czech Republic

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    As a result of their first match in the qualifying group, the Poles lost. It was a win for the Czech team against the Polish team 3:1. Currently, our players are scheduled to play with Albania, the Faroe Islands, and Moldova.

    In the first half of the match, the Czechs scored two goals and clearly were dominating and exerting pressure on the Polish team.

    There was no action at the goal and the Poles did not take advantage of the chances to attack. Poles tried to score a goal 4 times but each one was missed.

    After the break, coach Fernando Santos decided to make two changes to the Polish team. Karbownik and Bielik were replaced by Michał Skóraś and Karol Świderski.

    Poland vs. the Czech Republic ➡️ 3:1

    In the 61st minute of the match, there was another attack on the Polish goal and Wojciech Szczesny had to move very deep into the penalty area. The goal for the Czech Republic was narrowly avoided.

    Unfortunately, just a few moments later the Czechs broke through the Polish defense and scored the third goal during this match.

    In the 87 minute of the game, Polish football player Damian Szymański scored a goal for our National Team. However, the situation under the gate was very chaotic and the shot could be better.

    Nevertheless, the result was determined by the first half of the game.

    The Polish National Team did not give up. They pressed in the end – Świderski took a shot but he missed. After 94 minutes of the match, the final whistle of the referee from Greece ended it and the Czech Republic officially won.

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