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    Expanding Access to Breast Cancer Prevention in Poland

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    Improvements in breast cancer prevention and diagnostics in Poland were recently announced by Minister of Health Katarzyna Sójka. Starting from November 1st, women aged 45 to 74 will have access to free mammograms, expanding the previous age range. Additionally, the Ministry of Health plans to transition exclusively to digital mammography by 2025.

    In a recent briefing in Warsaw, Minister Sójka revealed the government’s efforts to enhance breast cancer prevention. The age range for free mammograms will now span from 45 to 74 years old, a five-year extension downward and upward from the previous range. This move aims to ensure more women can benefit from preventive mammography screenings.

    Advancements in Diagnostic Techniques

    Furthermore, the Ministry of Health is working to improve breast cancer diagnostics by increasing the accessibility of immunohistochemical receptor tests for breast cancer. Early detection of these receptors can expedite diagnosis and treatment planning for patients.

    Looking ahead, the government is committed to transitioning to digital mammography exclusively by 2025. This technological advancement promises enhanced accuracy and efficiency in breast cancer screening.

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