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    Farmers’ General Strike Commences in Warsaw

    At precisely 11 a.m. today, the bustling streets of Warsaw, Poland’s capital, will witness the commencement of a general strike led by farmers. Producers are set to convene in front of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, before embarking on a march towards the edifice of the Polish Parliament. Nevertheless, this wave of protests isn’t confined to Warsaw alone; similar demonstrations are unfolding across various regions of the country.

    Wednesday marks the day when Warsaw braces for the impact of a general strike spearheaded by farmers, accompanied by the participation of hunters and foresters. For weeks now, farmers nationwide have been vehemently expressing their discontent, primarily targeting the surge of Ukrainian goods flooding the market and decrying European policies intertwined with the contentious “Green Deal” initiative. 

    As the clock ticks towards the designated hour, protesters are converging around key governmental landmarks, namely the Parliament and the Prime Minister’s Chancellery. In response, law enforcement agencies have initiated traffic restrictions encircling the parliament precincts.

    The Warsaw Metropolitan Police, in anticipation of potential disruptions, have announced the implementation of stringent measures to curtail movement in the vicinity of the parliament buildings.

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