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    Former President Backs Duda’s Bold Move to Boost Military Spending

    Former President Aleksander Kwaśniewski has voiced his support for President Andrzej Duda’s ambitious proposal to increase defence spending to 3 percent of GDP in NATO countries. Describing the proposition as tough yet justified, Kwaśniewski emphasized the pressing need for enhanced armament and training, acknowledging the financial burden it entails.

    President Duda’s announcement, made during his visit to the White House and subsequent discussions at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, outlined his intention to advocate for a collective decision among NATO members to raise the defence spending threshold from 2 to 3 percent of GDP. This move, as conveyed by the president, aims to establish a new standard, making it imperative for member states to meet or exceed this benchmark for adequate defence preparedness.

    Commenting on Duda’s proposal in an interview with RMF FM, Kwaśniewski reiterated his stance, acknowledging the complexity of the situation while underscoring its moral imperative. He stressed the necessity for gradual steps toward bolstering military capabilities, highlighting the escalating security concerns faced by Europe, including Poland.

    Responding to Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s assertion that the post-war era has concluded, ushering in a new pre-war era, Kwaśniewski characterized the statement as profound and evocative. He emphasized the gravity of the current security landscape, emphasizing that the region, including Poland, is confronted with heightened uncertainties, underscoring the urgency for proactive measures to safeguard national and regional stability.

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