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    France Eyes Polish Nuclear Market

    French companies are keen to secure a stake in Poland’s nuclear energy sector, as reported by “Rzeczpospolita.” The French strategy involves financial involvement in Poland’s second nuclear power plant, setting them apart from American companies who have not committed financially to Poland’s nuclear program.

    Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s government is currently deliberating the location for the second nuclear power plant. While no official decision has been made on whether it will proceed, potential technology suppliers are already vying for the opportunity. According to “Rzeczpospolita,” the French are leading the race. President Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed France’s commitment to the project in a recent meeting with Tusk.

    The French energy giant EDF maintains its 2021 proposal to build the plant in Poland, now with a renewed promise of financial backing from the French government. Macron has expressed that EDF, supported by Paris, is ready to construct the nuclear plant at the designated location.

    “French companies hope to persuade the Poles with their financial commitment,” the newspaper states, adding that EDF, with Paris’ backing, is prepared to share the costs associated with the second site. This financial involvement could give the French an edge over their competitors in securing this significant project.

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