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    Frost Alert in April: IMGW Issues Warning

    The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW) has issued frost warnings for southern Poland as temperatures drop across the country. Even though it is the middle of April, residents of Zakopane are preparing for snow and frost in the coming days.

    Meteorologists predict temperatures to plummet to around minus 3 degrees Celsius, with lows of minus 5 degrees Celsius near the ground, affecting several voivodeships including Żywiec County in Silesian Voivodeship and multiple counties in Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

    The warnings, effective until 9 a.m. Friday may extend into the following days. Wednesday will bring cloudy skies with intermittent rain showers, possibly mixed with snow in some regions. Snowfall is expected in mountainous areas, with a 5 cm increase in snow cover anticipated.

    “Frosts are back! Last night, in places in the south, east and center of the country, the air temperature dropped below 0°C. The coldest was in Zakopane, where the minimum temperature was -2.8°C, and the temperature at the ground dropped to -5°C,”

    IMGW wrote on X.

    Temperatures will range from 5°C to 8°C in the north and Carpathian foothills, and 9°C to 13°C elsewhere. Winds will be light to moderate, occasionally gusty during thunderstorms, particularly in the south and east, with speeds up to 60 km/h in mountainous regions.

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