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    Global Leaders Unite at 2024 Points of Light Global Summit on Social Impact

    Diplomats, dignitaries, and influential figures from across the globe are set to convene in Warsaw for the 2024 Points of Light Global Summit on Social Impact, a gathering that promises to be a catalyst for positive change. Hosted by the renowned non-profit organization, Points of Light, and its global network entity, the Volunteer Center Association, the event is scheduled for February 7, 2024, from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

    The summit will bring together 250 change-makers, including diplomats, business leaders, and representatives from non-governmental organizations, all committed to advancing social causes. The distinguished list of guests includes Marek Brzezinski, the U.S. Ambassador to Poland, Agnieszka Buczyńska, Minister for Civil Society and Chair of the Committee for Public Benefit, and Neil Bush, Chairman of the Board of Points of Light.

    The overarching theme of the conference is encapsulated in the phrase, “One World, One Response,” emphasizing the global collaboration required to address the pressing social issues of our time.

    International Collaboration and Inspiring Sessions

    The conference is part of a larger international meeting of entities associated with Points of Light, boasting participation from social leaders representing 25 countries. The goal is to equip participants with the tools needed to instigate positive changes in communities affected by both natural disasters and human-caused catastrophes.

    The agenda includes a series of impactful sessions:

    1. “Elimination of Political Divisions”: This session will explore cross-sector collaboration as a potent tool for social activation, fostering unity across diverse political landscapes.
    2. “Building Resilient Communities”: Attendees will be presented with a model showcasing effective actions for social activation, aiming to create communities that can withstand and recover from challenges.
    3. “Building Bridges”: Delving into issues at the intersection of social engagement and international actions for refugees, this session aims to promote a greater understanding of humanitarian efforts.

    Additionally, a notable panel discussion will feature Neil Bush, son of the late 41st U.S. President George H.W. Bush, and Ambassador Brzezinski. They will delve into the significance of the 35th anniversary of the fall of the communist regime in Poland and analyze the ongoing relationship between the United States and Poland in tackling global challenges.

    The Volunteer Center Association: A Key Co-Organizer

    The Volunteer Center Association, serving as a co-organizer of the conference, is a crucial member of the Points of Light Global Network. This network comprises 145 affiliated organizations spanning 39 countries, playing a pivotal role in the world of volunteerism and showcasing the impact of grassroots social initiatives.

    Points of Light: Inspiring Change Worldwide

    Points of Light, an international non-profit organization, stands at the forefront of inspiring and mobilizing millions of individuals to contribute to positive global change. Engaging 3.7 million people annually in 16.7 million volunteer hours, the organization empowers people where it is needed most.

    For those seeking more detailed information about the summit, Points of Light, and its global initiatives, visit the official website at


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