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    Golden Day for Polish Canoeists in Szeged

    Polish canoeists showcased their remarkable talent at the European Championships in Szeged, Hungary, with Oleksii Koliadych leading the charge. Koliadych clinched the gold medal in the non-Olympic C1 200m event, finishing 0.26 seconds ahead of Spain’s Pablo Grana. Georgia’s Zaza Nadiradze took the bronze. This victory highlighted Koliadych’s dominance and marked a significant achievement for the Polish team.

    Success in Multiple Events

    The day saw more triumphs for Poland. Justyna Iskrzycka grabbed the gold in the K1 1000m event, setting the tone for the day. Following her lead, Koliadych replicated his success in the C1 200m. These victories were complemented by the silver medals won by Jakub Stepun and Przemysław Korsak, and Katarzyna Kołodziejczyk in their respective events.

    Kołodziejczyk continued the medal streak by securing silver in the K1 200m non-Olympic event. She was narrowly defeated by Hungary’s Anna Lucz by 0.73 seconds, with Denmark’s Bolette Iversen taking third place. Kołodziejczyk’s performance was a testament to her speed and competitive spirit, reinforcing Poland’s standing in canoe sprinting.

    Team Effort and Silver Medals

    Adding to the medal tally, Jakub Stepun and Przemysław Korsak earned silver in the men’s 200m race. The Portuguese team claimed gold, while the Hungarian crew finished third. This series of podium finishes underscored a day filled with exceptional performances and national pride for Poland’s canoeing athletes.

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