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    Government Advisor Recommends Halting Property Expropriations in Major Polish Infrastructure Project

    Maciej Lasek, the Polish government’s Commissioner for the Central Communication Port (CPK), urged the CPK management to consider halting administrative proceedings and other actions related to property expropriation on February 12, 2024. This request focuses on suspending the issuance of investment location decisions for the ambitious CPK project, a strategic transport hub intended to integrate air, rail, and road transport.

    During a parliamentary group meeting titled “Yes to Development. CPK – Atom – Ports”, former government commissioner Marcin Horała revealed excerpts from a document Lasek sent to the CPK SA board. This directive not only includes orders for investment analyses and audits but also suggests a temporary cessation of property expropriations critical for the CPK project’s progression.

    Horała criticized the directive for potentially sabotaging administrative proceedings essential to the program’s success. He highlighted the financial implications of delaying the CPK project, suggesting that such delays could cost billions in public funds.

    Additionally, Maciej Wilk from the “Yes for CPK” Association echoed concerns in social media statements, describing Lasek’s instructions to halt all project-related activities as “equally clear and unlawful,” potentially causing significant financial damage to the company.

    The situation grew more complicated when the public learned that CPK SA had requested an additional 30-day extension from the Mazowiecki Voivode to submit necessary documentation, which originally had a 60-day deadline. This revelation raises questions about the company’s readiness and the potential financial and developmental impacts of further delays.

    The CPK project is not only a major economic endeavor for Poland but also a critical test of governmental oversight and public administration effectiveness in handling large-scale infrastructure projects.

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