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    Gunshots and police chase through the streets of Katowice’s districts

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    Scenes straight out of an action movie happened in the quiet suburban district of Katowice – Podlesie. Near the Malownik housing estate, on Armii Krajowej Street, the driver of a Ford Mustang did not want to submit to a police road check, tried to hit a policeman and fled from the police with his car. Successfully, as he has not yet been found.

    On Friday, 3 March 2023 in the afternoon, there was a lot of information on groups about the southern districts of Katowice regarding police action in the Podlesie district, specifically near the new Malownik housing estate. People wrote about a large number of police officers, someone even heard shots.
    This information was confirmed by aspirant Olaf Burakiewicz, press officer of the Katowice Regional Police Headquarters, in an interview with the 24KATO portal. “Indeed, there was an incident in Podlesie district on Friday afternoon in which police officers may have been injured,” he admitted.

    “On Friday, 3 March 2023, after 4 p.m. in Katowice on Armii Krajowej Street, police officers attempted to check a Ford Mustang car parked on the side of the road and the man using it,” reports aspirant Olaf Burakiewicz.

    “As the police officers approached the car, the driver violently moved back, hit the police car behind him and then, in an attempt to avoid control, tried to hit one of the police officers. Due to the threat to life, the police officers fired several shots in the direction of the car’s tyres and then set off in pursuit, informing the police officer on duty,” a press officer told 24KATO.

    The driver has fled

    The car chase ended rather quickly, as about 2 km from where they tried to stop the Ford driver, on Maków Street, near a forest, in the Kostuchna district, the police officers pursuing the driver spotted his abandoned car.

    Moreover, in such incidents, the public prosecutor, who arrived on the spot, was immediately informed and took part in the activities.

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