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    Historic Pistol from 1908 Finds Its Way to the Museum

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    A valuable addition to the Lubuskie Military Museum in Drzonowo has been made, thanks to the discovery of a historic Bergmann Bayard MI 908 pistol dating back to 1908. Along with the pistol, a leather holster, magazine pouch, and magazines were found during the demolition of the floor in an old pre-war house. After securing the items, conducting necessary procedures, and expert examination, the Żary police handed them over to the museum director.

    In May, during the demolition of a pre-war building in Żary, the owner uncovered an old firearm, magazines, a magazine pouch, and a holster. The unusual discovery prompted the owner to notify the local police in Żary. Upon arrival, the officers secured the items. Subsequent expert examination confirmed that the findings included a Belgian-made Bergmann Bayard Mi 908 semi-automatic pistol in 9mm caliber, magazines for semi-automatic PO88 pistols in 9mm caliber, a leather pouch model 1090, a leather holster, and a magazine for a Soviet-made TT wz 33 semi-automatic pistol in 7.62mm caliber.

    Given the unquestionable historical value of these items, aspirant staff officer Krzysztof Bujalski, who led the investigation, contacted the Director of the Lubuskie Military Museum in Drzonowo. The police, following the conclusion of the case and receipt of the prosecutor’s decision regarding the material evidence, met with the museum’s director, Piotr Dziedzic, on November 8, to officially hand over the pistol, holster, magazine pouch, and magazines to the museum’s collection. After restoration, these artifacts will join other museum exhibits for public admiration.

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