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    Historical Find in Lubelskie: 18th-Century Papal Bull Unearthed

    A metal detector enthusiast stumbled upon a lead papal bull from the 18th century in the woods near Siennica Różana, Krasnystaw County, in the Lubelskie region of Poland. The artifact dates back to the pontificate of Pope Benedict XIV and will soon be part of the collection at the Krasnystaw Museum.

    Wojciech Werus, the president of the Historical Search Association “Wolica” from Izbica, found the relic just 10-15 cm below the surface. “It was one of the first signals from my metal detector. Initially, I had no idea what I had discovered,” Werus said. While the association primarily searches for World War I artifacts in the area, they have previously found items ranging from a Bronze Age dagger to early medieval axes.

    The bull, a round, double-sided seal medallion made of lead, measures approximately 3.8 cm in diameter and 0.5 cm in thickness, weighing 62 grams. It features the images of Saints Peter and Paul and a cross on one side, with the name of Pope Benedict XIV on the reverse. Originally attached to a parchment document by a string, its exact historical context remains a mystery.

    Paweł Wira, head of the Chełm branch of the Regional Office for Monument Protection, commented on the rarity and good condition of the find. “It’s a unique artifact for this area and very well-preserved. The seal was attached to a papal document, confirming its authenticity.”

    The artifact was handed over to the conservation office on Monday, with Werus providing precise details of the location of the find. Unfortunately, no further artifacts were discovered in the area. The regional conservator has decided that the bull will join the displays at the Regional Museum in Krasnystaw, where it is expected to attract significant interest from historians and the public alike.

    This rare find not only highlights the rich historical tapestry of the region but also adds a tangible piece to the puzzle of Poland’s past interactions with the broader religious and cultural movements of Europe.

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