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    Holiday Season in Poland: Surge in Winter Getaway Reservations

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    Travel enthusiasts in Poland are booking their Christmas and New Year’s getaways in record numbers. Find out where they’re headed and how the tourism industry is thriving.

    After a brief autumnal lull in domestic tourism, Poland is experiencing a surge in holiday season bookings. Christmas and New Year’s reservations are on the rise, with October seeing four times as many bookings compared to the same month last year, according to Tomasz Zaniewski, Vice President of, the largest Polish accommodation portal.

    The spontaneous nature of Polish travelers’ decision-making, especially during this time of year, is creating optimism in the tourism industry. Notably, mountain destinations like Zakopane, Wisla, and Bukowina Tatrzanska are the top choices, with Krynica Zdrój gaining popularity as an affordable alternative. The average cost per person per night in Krynica during the holiday season is 89 PLN, while it ranges from 92-96 PLN in Wisla and Bukowina Tatrzanska. The most expensive option is the Tatra Mountains capital, where the average nightly cost is 117 PLN. Travelers are willing to spend more in Karpacz (average 127 PLN), Bialka Tatrzanska (137 PLN), and Poronin (144 PLN).

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    Family and group trips are on the horizon, with an average of five guests per reservation for the holiday season or around New Year’s. The majority of these trips will be relatively short, averaging 3.28 days.

    While the average reservation value stands at 1,780.56 PLN, travelers can find options catering to various budgets. The final cost depends on the accommodation’s standard and the additional holiday festivities provided by property owners. A family Christmas with traditional highland music in the background or a New Year’s Eve celebration can incur costs exceeding 1,000 PLN per person per night.

    As for the winter school break, it’s too early to predict, as Polish travelers have been deferring reservations until the last minute. According to a survey by, 26.6% of respondents plan to decide on their winter vacation dates spontaneously.

    The Polish tourism industry is optimistic about a vibrant holiday season as travelers embrace spontaneity and explore a range of winter getaway options.

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