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    Honorary Benefit for Centenarians in Poland: 6,246.13 PLN Monthly

    Learn about Poland’s honorary benefit for centenarians, providing financial support to those reaching 100 years of age.

    Centenarians in Poland are entitled to an additional monthly stipend from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), known as the honorary benefit. This payment, set at 6,246.13 PLN gross as of March 1st, is granted to individuals who reach the age of 100, supplementing their pensions or retirement benefits.

    Eligibility and Payment Details

    The amount of the honorary benefit remains fixed based on the baseline established at the recipient’s centenary birthday. Consequently, each centenarian receives a different sum, unaffected by pension adjustments. Those turning 100 between March 1st, 2024, and February 28th, 2025, will receive the current rate.

    Application Process

    Centenarians receiving pensions or benefits from ZUS receive the honorary benefit automatically, without the need for additional applications. However, those not receiving any pension or benefit must apply with supporting documentation at their nearest ZUS office.

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