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    Honouring and Recognizing the Bravery of Firefighters on International Firefighters’ Day

    Today, May 4th, marks International Firefighters’ Day, dedicated to honouring the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to save others from fires and other emergencies.

    Firefighters play a crucial role in our society, responding to emergencies and risking their lives to protect people and property. Their work often goes unrecognized, but International Firefighters’ Day provides an opportunity to show our appreciation and support for these heroic individuals.

    International Firefighters’ Day is held annually on May 4 to honour bravery of firefighters

    The origins of International Firefighters’ Day date back to 1998, when a tragic event occurred in Australia. On December 2, 1998, five firefighters lost their lives while battling a wildfire in Victoria, Australia. This devastating event sparked the creation of International Firefighters’ Day as a way to recognize and honour the sacrifices that firefighters make in the line of duty.

    Since then, International Firefighters’ Day has become a global event, celebrated by firefighters and their communities worldwide. The day serves as a reminder of the importance of firefighting as a profession and the risks that firefighters face every day.

    Firefighters not only battle fires, but also respond to other emergencies, such as natural disasters, traffic accidents, and medical emergencies. Their work requires a combination of physical strength, mental fortitude, and a willingness to put the needs of others before their own.

    Polish Firefighters’ Day celebrates bravery and selflessness

    In Poland, firefighting is a noble profession that is highly respected and admired. Firefighters are known for their bravery and selflessness, and their work is essential in keeping the community safe. They respond to all kinds of emergencies, from fires and floods to traffic accidents and medical emergencies.

    On Firefighters’ Day, various events are held across Poland to celebrate the work of firefighters. These events include parades, demonstrations, and educational activities, all aimed at raising awareness about the importance of firefighting as a profession and the risks firefighters face in the line of duty.

    The holiday was officially established in 2002, by the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, with the amendment of the State Fire Service (PSP) Act of 1991. The added article (art. 30a) formally establishes Firefighters’ Day. In Poland, both the State Fire Service and the Voluntary Fire Service (OSP) celebrate this day.

    International Firefighters’ Day is celebrated on 4 May, the day of recollection in the Catholic Church of Saint Florian. 

    On this International Firefighters’ Day, let us take a moment to thank and honour the brave men and women who risk their lives every day to protect us and our communities. We owe them a debt of gratitude that can never be fully repaid, but we can show our appreciation by supporting them in their work and advocating for their needs.

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