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    If there is a need, Polish investigators will go to Ukraine, says Morawiecki

    If there is a need, investigators looking into a missile strike that killed two in eastern Poland on Tuesday will travel to Ukraine, the prime minister said on Friday.

    Mateusz Morawiecki also said Poland wanted to cooperate with Ukraine to clarify the incident as quickly as possible.

    “We are also receiving support from our American allies,” Morawiecki said. “Today, I met with a certain American delegation which also presented me a sequence of events that most likely took place at that time.”

    The prime minister said the scope of the inquiry should be left to investigators, experts and specialists.

    “We have great specialists, but we have also not only admitted but invited our allies, American specialists and others, to verify the event,” Morawiecki said.

    “We want to cooperate as closely as possible, also with the Ukrainians, because let’s not forget, it is they who are fighting today for peace, for security, for peace in Europe, so therefore also in Poland,” Morawiecki continued. “They are being killed on their barricades, in their trenches, also for our peace and our security.”


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