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    Increased Attempts of Illegal Border Crossings Reported at the Poland-Belarus Border

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    In a recent Twitter report by the Border Guard, it was revealed that on Saturday (August 27th), 101 individuals attempted to illegally cross the Belarus-Poland border. Among them were migrants from Congo and Iran. The incident took place near the SG station in Płaska, where four individuals managed to briefly cross the border through Wołkuszanka. However, upon sighting Polish patrols, they retreated back to the Belarusian side.

    The report highlights an alarming trend, with 20,600 illegal border crossing attempts recorded in 2023 alone. To counter this, a 5.5-meter steel barrier was constructed along 186 km of the Belarusian border in 2022. This barrier serves as a primary deterrent against unauthorized migration. Additionally, a comprehensive system of cameras and sensors covering 206 km of the border is fully operational, aiding Polish border authorities in maintaining security.

    Future Security Initiatives

    Looking ahead, plans are underway to construct an electronic barrier along the Bug River in Lubelskie, as well as the rivers Świsłocz and Istoczanka in Podlaskie, beginning in 2024. These projects, funded by the EU, will enhance border security further. The selection of companies for this task is expected by the end of 2023. The installation of cameras and motion sensors along riverbanks will fortify the border zone.

    As attempts of illegal border crossings continue to rise, Poland remains committed to bolstering its border security. The combination of physical barriers and advanced surveillance systems underscores the nation’s dedication to safeguarding its borders and managing the ongoing challenge of unauthorized migration.

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