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    Incredible Nesting Success of a Kestrel on a Mast at the Sulechów Forestry District

    Barely six months have passed since the installation of a nesting box on a radio mast at the Sulechów Forestry District’s headquarters, and already the remarkable success of a nesting pair of kestrels can be observed. From a height of 30 meters, nature enthusiasts are invited to witness the thriving kestrel family.

    The Sulechów Forestry District took a significant step at the beginning of this year by installing a special nesting platform on an antenna mast located near their office building. This mast serves not only as a crucial communication tool for protecting forests from fires but has also become an ideal habitat for kestrels to establish their nests.

    Kestrel Nest: Adorable Chicks Captivates Audiences

    Mid-May brought about an exciting sight for bird enthusiasts as a pair of kestrels were spotted making their first flights around the nesting platform. The foresters held their breath, hoping that this would mark the beginning of a new kestrel family. Their expectations were soon realized when, at the end of May, they witnessed the presence of three adorable chicks through a camera installed at the top of the mast.

    This remarkable story of kestrel breeding is worth following closely. For those interested in keeping up to date with the development of the birds, the Sulechów Forestry DIstrict has launched a live online broadcast on the YouTube channel “Beautiful forests of Zielona Góra,” titled “Kestrel Nest.” It offers a truly amazing experience, providing a window into the kestrels’ lives. Not only foresters but also members of the local community and nature lovers have shown great interest in this live broadcast. 

    Protecting Wildlife: Sulechów Forestry District Sets an Example with Nesting Success and Conservation Efforts

    It is important to highlight that the kestrel is a strictly protected species and is subject to active nature conservation efforts. Thus, the installation of the nest box on the mast serves as a perfect example of how humans can harmoniously coexist with wildlife while actively caring for their well-being.

    The successful establishment of the nesting platform and the monitoring of the kestrels’ fate would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of the employees of the Sulechów Forestry District. 

    The nesting success on the mast at the Sulechów Forestry District demonstrates the positive impact of human actions in creating suitable habitats for wildlife, ensuring their conservation and the preservation of our natural heritage.

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