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    Inflation to be single-digit by the end of the year says deputy minister

    Artur Sobon, a deputy finance minister, stated that inflation could rise at the beginning of 2023 but should decrease to a single-digit figure before the year is over. 

    On Thursday Poland’s Central Statistical Office said consumer and service prices in December 2022 were 16.6 per cent up year on year and 0.2 per cent up month on month, against earlier forecasts of respectively 17.3 per cent and 0.8 per cent.

    Artur Sobon, a deputy finance minister, said on television that inflation could continue to rise in the first months of 2023, but will then fall rapidly.

    “All forecasts indicate that inflation will go down to a single-digit level by the end of the year,”

    Sobon said.

    He further noted that the country’s GDP growth is expected to be at least 1 per cent and the Polish economy should not experience a recession this year.


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