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    Inside the Secretive Mission of Poland’s Counter-Terrorist Police in Ukraine

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    Polish Police Humanitarian Contingent (KHP) was deployed to Ukraine for a secret five-month demining operation, from October 2022 to February 2023, informed Gazeta Policyjna website. The operation was initiated by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration Mariusz Kaminski.

    The KHP is known to be the best-trained and equipped police service in Poland, and for this mission, they were assigned with the task of demining areas near Kiev. The location of the KHP base in the Kiev region was kept confidential for security reasons, and the base was prepared using civilian buildings. This was done to avoid attracting the attention of Russian intelligence and diversionary groups, as well as to avoid potential bombings.

    The security and protection service of the base consisted of officers from the SPKP’s (Independent Counter-Terrorist Police Subdivisions – ed.) subdivisions combat sections, who were equipped with night vision and thermal imaging equipment. They monitored the base for any dangerous devices and hostile radio beacons, in addition to ensuring fire safety. Dogs trained in explosives detection were also part of the team. The security service saw to the quick movement of people to shelters in case of emergencies and continued to look after the base.

    Self-sufficiency was the main takeaway from the four reconnaissances carried out by Polish police officers in Ukraine. Fuel was a scarce commodity in many places, and the KHP brought a tanker to the base for refuelling purposes. Additionally, power cuts lasting for months were a major problem in Ukraine, so the KHP brought two power generators to the base. The missionaries also brought ample supplies of bottled water, individual rations, and even dog food. There was a Repair and Supply Team at the base, which ensured the efficiency of the vehicles and other specialized equipment.

    The operation was carried out successfully, and the KHP completed their mission in Ukraine without any major incident. The Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration Mariusz Kaminski applauded the KHP’s efforts and thanked them for their service to the country.

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