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    Intense Russian Air Activity Over Polish Airspace

    The Polish airspace recently witnessed intensified aerial activity, prompting operational vigilance from both Polish and allied air forces. This surge in activity was attributed to the extensive operations of Russian long-range aviation units, particularly in light of missile strikes targeted at Ukrainian territories.

    Swift Response by Operational Command

    In response to the escalating situation, the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces swiftly initiated all necessary protocols to safeguard the integrity and security of Polish airspace. Continuous monitoring ensured a proactive stance against potential threats.

    Following a period of heightened alertness and vigilance, the authorities have deemed it appropriate to de-escalate. Consequently, the operation of Polish and allied aircraft within Polish airspace has ceased, with deployed resources reverting to standard operational activities.

    While the immediate threat may have diminished, the ongoing situation underscores the persistent need for vigilance and readiness within the region. The Operational Command remains vigilant, prepared to adapt to evolving circumstances and ensure the safety of airspace.

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