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    International DISE Energy Congress: “Energetic Transformation as a Way Out of Crisis”

    The 9th International DISE Energy Congress is scheduled for September 27-28 in Wrocław, with a central theme of “Energetic Transformation as a Way Out of Crisis.” This esteemed event provides a global platform for discussions on critical challenges facing Polish energy. Experts from diverse fields will convene to explore optimal solutions for achieving energy transformation goals and ensuring the security of the energy system.

    The congress emerges as a pivotal industry event focused on energy transformation. In an era demanding policy revisions, energy security, stable supply chains, and strategic actions, the event’s discussions resonate with the ongoing energy transition. The current edition spotlights the identification of priorities and desired pathways for energy transformation, encompassing strategic technologies, legal adjustments, and key partners in Polish energy projects.

    A focal point is energy security, pivotal for crisis resolution. As Poland steers towards climate neutrality, investments in decentralized energy systems foster both security and independence. Dynamic growth in renewables, hydrogen, and low-emission sources diversifies the energy landscape.

    Deliberations on crisis exit strategies involve discussions on scaling renewables and advancing hydrogen utilization. The Polish energy mix, including the new PEP 2040 framework, takes center stage. Panels address the role of natural gas as a transitional fuel and the potential for renewable gases like biomethane. Nuclear project advancements, both large-scale and Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), take precedence. The event addresses onshore wind energy prospects and the status of offshore wind farm investments. The agenda also addresses network bottlenecks for photovoltaic expansion, emissions reduction in heating, and transport greening.

    The DISE Energy Congress, an internationally-reaching event, welcomes industry specialists, energy market leaders, top managers, policymakers, and scientists. Over two days, experts will prioritize energy transformation strategies, driven by strategic technology adoption, legal adaptations, and identification of key partners in Polish energy projects. This annual event witnesses the participation of eminent figures from Poland and abroad, representing politics, top management, and academia.

    Join the 9th International DISE Energy Congress for insights on Poland’s energy transformation and crisis recovery. Expert-led discussions on strategies, technologies, and partnerships.

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