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    International Effort Recovers Stolen University Treasures

    In a coordinated effort, law enforcement agencies across several European countries have successfully recovered a portion of valuable antique books stolen from the University of Warsaw Library. The operation led to the arrest of five individuals involved in the transnational theft scheme.

    Investigation and Arrests

    Warsaw police, aided by international collaboration, traced the perpetrators’ activities within Warsaw, leading to the apprehension of suspects and the recovery of stolen artifacts.

    Polish authorities have issued charges against five suspects for their involvement in an organized crime group and thefts from the University of Warsaw Library. Legal actions have commenced, including in Lithuania, where one suspect is currently detained.

    Investigations suggest the criminal group operated beyond Poland, targeting university libraries across Europe. Stolen works include significant pieces by Russian authors like Pushkin, Gogol, and Lermontov.

    The stolen treasures, valued at nearly 4 million Polish złoty, underscore the financial motivations behind the thefts.

    To tackle the cross-border nature of the crimes, an international investigative team has been assembled to coordinate efforts and ensure effective prosecution.

    The theft of rare volumes from the University of Warsaw Library highlights the ongoing threat to cultural heritage institutions. However, through diligent investigation and cross-border cooperation, law enforcement agencies have made significant strides in recovering stolen treasures and holding perpetrators accountable.

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