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    Investment Withdrawal Hits Polish Economy: CATL Follows Intel’s Lead

    In a series of setbacks for the Polish economy, another major player has opted to withdraw its investment from the country. Following Intel’s recent departure, Chinese electric car battery manufacturer CATL has announced the cancellation of plans to construct a factory in the Jaworzno Economic Zone, as revealed by the city’s mayor, Paweł Silbert, through social media channels.

    CATL’s withdrawal from plans to establish a factory in Poland’s Jaworzno Economic Zone raises concerns about the country’s economic growth prospects, echoing Intel’s earlier exit. The decision highlights challenges faced by foreign investors, including infrastructure deficiencies and utility provision issues.

    Intel’s redirection of investment towards establishing semiconductor factories in Germany instead of Poland adds to the speculation about Poland’s attractiveness to significant investors like Intel. The shift underscores uncertainties about Poland’s standing in Intel’s future plans and its ability to retain such investors.

    Mayor Paweł Silbert’s announcement on social media attributed CATL’s decision to withdraw to delays in securing adequate electricity supply, emphasizing infrastructure and utility provision shortcomings. The incident underscores the importance of addressing these deficiencies to attract and retain foreign investment in Poland’s economic zones.

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