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    IPN Board Game Captures the Spirit of Greater Poland Uprising

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    Explore the Greater Poland Uprising through IPN’s strategic board game, set for release in 2024. Engaging, educational, and tested for an immersive experience.

    The Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) has developed a strategic board game centered around the Greater Poland Uprising of 1918-1919. The game, aptly titled “Greater Poland Uprising 1918-1919,” underwent thorough testing among students and board game enthusiasts, ensuring its appeal beyond the Wielkopolska region. According to Dr. Rafał Reczek, Director of the IPN branch in Poznań, the official release is anticipated in early 2024, possibly around the significant anniversary of the Trier Armistice on February 16.

    Piotr Orzechowski, responsible for the game’s concept, highlighted its strategic nature and incorporation of historical facts, making it an engaging and well-crafted experience. The game is designed for two players or teams, aiming to conquer military districts strategically. Dr. Reczek hinted at an immersive educational aspect, allowing players to expand their knowledge of the Greater Poland Uprising through additional materials.

    The game’s launch aligns with the celebration of the National Day of the Victorious Greater Poland Uprising on December 27, 2023. The IPN conducted a meticulous testing phase, gathering feedback from students and gaming communities, resulting in a polished final version. The IPN assures that the game’s design aims to captivate players nationwide, fostering interest in the historical events it represents.

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