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    Jakub Kiryk Wins “Young Dancer of the Year 2023” Title

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    Six participants competed on Sunday, June 4, 2023, for the title of “Young Dancer of the Year 2023.” After extensive deliberations, the jury selected Jakub Kiryk, a student at the Janina Jarzynówna-Sobczak General Ballet School in Gdańsk, as the winner. The final competition took place on Sunday, June 4, 2023, with six participants who had been chosen in the previous two stages. Among them were Jakub Kiryk, Marta Wróbel, and Maciej Duda from the Janina Jarzynówna-Sobczak General Ballet School in Gdańsk, as well as Cezary Szlachta, Maria Grzymała, and Klaudia Sarna from the Roman Turczynowicz General Ballet School in Warsaw.

    Unmatched Talent: Jakub Kiryk’s Journey

    In the decisive showdown, the dancers presented choreographies of their choice—a classical variation or a freestyle routine—and took part in dance battles. Jakub Kiryk proved unbeatable in the final tasks, earning the title of this year’s competition winner according to the jury’s decision. A student at the Janina Jarzynówna-Sobczak General Ballet School in Gdańsk, Jakub Kiryk boasts notable achievements, including first place in the intermediate group category for classical dance at the 22nd National Dance Competition in Gdańsk, as well as creating his first choreography titled “Search” for the Choreographic Competition in Bytom.

    Awards and Recognition

    The recipient of the “Young Dancer of the Year 2023” title received several prestigious awards. Agnieszka Hejduk-Domańska, Deputy Director of the Department of Artistic Education and Cultural Education at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, presented the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Award, amounting to 20,000 Polish złoty. Jakub Kiryk also received the National Institute of Music and Dance Director’s Award, presented by Paula Lis-Sołoducha, the director of NIMiT, valued at 20,000 Polish złoty. Additionally, the Center for Artistic Education Director’s Award, worth 20,000 Polish złoty, was given by Zdzisław Bujanowski, the director of CEA. Jakub Kiryk was honored with a residency at the Ballet Ensemble of Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz, along with the opportunity to participate in a repertoire performance in the 2023/2024 season, awarded by the Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz.

    Special Recognition

    Klaudia Sarna, a finalist in the “Young Dancer of the Year 2023” competition, was also acknowledged. She received a special award of 20,000 Polish złoty from the President of the Management Board of TVP SA, presented by Kalina Cyz, Deputy Director of the Center for Culture and History for TVP Kultura.

    The evening’s finale featured performances by Artem Rybalchenko, the previous edition’s winner, and Olga Markari. Katarzyna Sanocka and Mateusz Baran served as the hosts for the event.

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