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    Join the National March for Life in Warsaw

    The National March for Life on April 14th at 12:30 PM is a demonstration advocating for the sanctity of life, family values, faith, and freedom. It stands as both an affirmation and a protest—a reaffirmation of cherished values and a protest against radical ideologies threatening life, family, and national unity.

    National March of Life 2024 will start on April 14 under the slogan Long live Poland!

    The march is a resounding affirmation of the worth of every life, especially those threatened by abortion, and a gesture of solidarity with both unborn children and their parents who often face the consequences of such decisions.

    Call to Action

    In a time when many feel the nation has strayed from the path of life and family values, this march signifies a new surge of responsibility. It’s a moment where the social and spiritual future of our homeland hangs in the balance. Therefore, passivity is not an option—we must act.

    Gratitude and Responsibility

    Held on the National Day of Poland’s Baptism, the march also symbolizes gratitude and responsibility for the Christian heritage that has shaped Poland for over a millennium.

    Invitation to All

    All are invited to participate—men, women, families, communities, and organizations. Let no one be absent. Let every corner of Poland be represented. Join us by train, bus, or car. Let your presence be a testament to the values we hold dear.

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